INSTANT BOOTY PUMP in JUST 10 MIN! Intense, Floor Only, No Squats, No Equipment, At Home

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?? Clicca e guarda il video! Durata complessiva: 00:11:46

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47 commenti

  1. Ivana thank you so much! My booty grew by 1.5inch in two weeks, my family started noticing it too haha ????❤ this workout is so effortless in time and I always look forward to it. Great music too. Thank you for these weekly awesome workouts. You are truly the best one!

  2. I have done so many workouts for hip dip but my left side of the hip dip is growing, right side is not growing. It's so uneven hip dips… Don't know how to fix this ????

  3. Hi! I wanna be honest with this workout becouse no one in comments didn't update yall but I will. This is my day 2(23.4.2024.). Update you in a week.

  4. My butt gets bigger and rounder very fast after 2 days of exercising for 20 minutes. Only problem is the results are not long lasting. You need to keep exercising to keep the results. So I do it whenever I need a rounder butt a particular outfit????

  5. Я больше года делаю практически все подобные упражнения и 0 результата????????????????????????????????????????

  6. hello tomorrow iwill start this exercise and i will see the difference. it seems esasier and wonderful. i hope it well be a great result, ????????????????????beautiful music ????

  7. I have just done mine now my legs and bum are so sore haha
    I have been doing quite a few of your videos and I love them so much it’s so much fun and I enjoy waking up in the morning to do these work out then relax by doing my yoga stretches thank you

  8. This is day 4 consistently and I didn't stop AT all during pulsing‼️???????????????????????????? Thank you so much, the workouts plus the music is amazing‼️????????????


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