(Eng) Thigh Gap in 7 DAYs! | 10 Min Inner Thigh/ Leg Workout ( Knee Friendly, No Equipment)

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?? Clicca e guarda il video! Durata complessiva: 00:14:11

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31 commenti

  1. gonna try this for a while and update yall!!
    start: 55cm in thighs. i dont have a goal other than a thigh gap, and maybe losing some fat all over the body.
    day 1: ✅ + le sserafim workout
    day 2: ✅✅ i see a VERY small, but still a difference in my thighs – or maybe my eyes convinced me i look different.

  2. I have a question please :
    I don’t especially want to do this exercise for lose fat,but because my thighs touch and that’s hurts me when I stand,sit and walk (I have an hourglass body I think) but I’m not fat.
    Do you think I can do this because my phobia is anorexia and I’m scared ????(I eat normally)

  3. I will do this workout for 10 day!
    Right leg: 50 cm
    Left leg: 50 cm
    My weight: 49 kg (I know it's not that much, but I want to be skinnier)

    1. day:✅️ done!! i love this workout
    2. day:
    3. day:
    4. day:
    5. day:
    6. day:
    7. day:
    8. day:
    9. day:
    10. day:


  4. trying this for 1 monthh!! please cheer for mee
    – no diet
    – 2x a day
    start: 25 May 2024
    end: 25 June 2024
    day 1: ✅ it was hard at firstt, my legs were shaky and cramping upp
    day 2: ✅ muchh better! i also did a wonyoung pilates workout too!
    please remind me to do this everydayy!!????

  5. Trying this for a month!????????
    (Please like to remind me!)
    Measurements: 20 in, 52 cm ????
    PLUS I’m doing 2 other workouts for the thighs!????????
    Day 1: ✅ It was difficult but I got through it and did it 2 times/ NONE differences
    Day 2: ✅ did it two times today and it got a teeny bit easier/ no differences YET????????

  6. Trying this workout for a month!
    Starting with thighs: 56cm
    1st day:✅✅ (done twice)
    2nd day:✅✅ (hurts a lot but not giving up)
    3rd day:✅✅ (still hurts but less)
    4rth day:✅✅ (still hurts the same like yesterday, I didn't do the stretching)
    by the way I'm not eating healthy, which is something I don't suggest because starving isn't good.
    5th day:✅✅

  7. Girls im gonna try this for 1 week!!

    Day 1: Done✅ it was kinda hard and i was sweating but its alright
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅ I actually ate alot today but ill fix that

  8. gonna be trying this ! i will keep on doing updates like this comment to remind me !
    before: left and right thigh: 55 cm
    day 1:couldn’t do the last one but so far it was good ✅

  9. I started doing this workout yesterday. I do it 2x a day (morning & night) and I take 8000-10,000 steps a day and I’ll update you through my 1 week journey!
    (•Like to remind me!•)

    Day 1:✅✅ pretty easy.
    Day 2:✅✅ kinda burned.
    Day 3:✅✅ no difference YET.
    Day 4:❌❌ was HELLA tired.
    Day 5:✅✅ I see a difference.

  10. Hello ~ !
    It's my third day. Workout for almost two months now but my thigh are still the same. It's frustrating so I decided to do whis one workout together with different one which should also tone thigh. For 14 days.
    Day 1 done
    Day 2 done
    Day 3 done
    Day 4 done
    Day 5 long day at work, didn't have a chance unfortunatelly
    Day 6 done
    Day 7 done
    Day 8 done
    Day 9 done

  11. This has to stop. The thigh gap is down to bobe structure and has nothing to do with fat or muscle. The real thigh gap is a result of wide hipbones and it always comes with a small waist. When hip width matches the chest and shoulders it's the perfect hourglass shape. Women with that hip to waist ratio still have a thigh gap when they put on 20 pounds , it's just more transparent when we are slim. Most women will never have a thigh gap and I've seen way too many starving themselves and exerciding themselves to infertility (or death) in a futile attempt to achieve the unattainable. BBL surgery is equally life threatening and only creates a counterfeit imitation. Enough

  12. 19.05.24 начинаю делать
    буду делать месяц
    я сижу на диете в 1000-1400 калорий в день, пью 2 л воды, постараюсь делать по 2 тренировки, рост-158 см
    каждую неделю буду постить результаты????????
    верхняя часть – 46 см
    середина – 38.5 см
    нижняя – 32 см
    талия -61.5 см
    бёдра – 84 см
    1 day: ????????
    2 day: ????????
    3 day: ????????
    4 day: ????????
    5 day: ????????(сегодня не считала калории, читмилл)
    6 day: ????????
    7 day: ????????
    верхняя часть: 45.5 см
    середина: 38 см
    нижняя: 31.6 см
    талия: 61.5 см
    бёдра: 83 см
    в целом результатом довольна, буду продолжать делать
    мне самое главное это верхняя часть ляшки, поэтому меня все устраивает, рекомендую ❤️
    ????- сделано
    8 day: ????????
    9 day:
    10 day:
    11 day:
    12 day:
    13 day:
    14 day:
    верхняя часть: см
    середина: см
    нижняя: см
    талия: см
    бёдра: см

  13. tysm for this i have AWFUL knees so this is great

    anyways im tracking progress here.. i dont have anything to measure my thighs with but i dont have a thigh gap and theyre pretty fatty

    day 1: felt the burn in my legs
    obviously no progress yet

  14. Does anyone have trouble with the first exercise? I feel like my hip is digging into the floor when I lift the bottom leg, it hurts 🙁


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